Play without fear

Combining maximum protection with optimal freedom of movement, the unique featherlight, hardshell design of the CrossGuard MVP has been tested to withstand impacts of up to 100 km per hour without the wearer sustaining any injury. 

Protection without restriction –  choose the CrossGuard MVP Hockey Glove

A beautiful game, not without risk

A crack of the stick on your knuckles, a penalty corner catching the top of your hand ora long pass hitting your thumb: field hockey is not without risk. In fact, it ranks in the top five most injury-prone sports. Each year, around 6,000 people in the Netherlands receive emergency medical care for hockey- related injuries. In 42% of cases, this involves a fracture or bruise of the hand, fingers or wrist.

Despite these figures, not all players wear hand protection. Understandably so, as current hockey gloves severely limit movement and offer insufficient defence against the impact of a stick or ball. The time has come for maximum protection without restriction. We present the CrossGuard MVP Hockey Glove.

Light as a feather, strong as steel

Protect your players, protect your results.

Combining maximum protection with optimal freedom of movement, the unique featherlight, hardshell design of the CrossGuard MVP has been tested and to withstand impacts of up to 100 km per hour without the wearer sustaining any injury. The glove has been developed by a team of passionate engineers of Delft University of Technology in cooperation with Dutch and Belgian National Field Hockey Teams.

Hardshell outer cover

The back of the hand and fingers are covered by an engineered exoskeleton consisting of polycarbonate. This is the same material used to produce protective shields for law enforcement. The exoskeleton ensures that the force of impact is diverted from the most vulnerable part of the hand and absorbed by a cushioning foam layer.

Optimal knuckle protection

The exoskeleton is engineered such that there is always overlap between the protective plates on the fingers and the back of hand. The glove therefore offers optimal protection in crucial places while movement of the fingers is not restricted.

Open design for comfort

The fabric of the glove has an open section on the back of the hand, under the hardshell. This prevents stretch tension in the fabric when you close your hand to hold astick. The opening allows effortless movement, while at the same time affording a lightand airy feeling, almost as if you are not wearing a glove at all!

Best thumb protection

Based on medical and ergonomic research as well as countless interviews with sporting professionals, we have moved the thumb protection to the outside of the thumb. This is where the majority of thumb injuries occur.

Engineered for a better fit

A hockey player’s hand is curved 95% of the time to hold the stick. For that reason, we have designed the glove in such a way that the basic position is curved, matching the position of the hold. As a result, the wearer does not experience any stretch tension during use.

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Tested and perfected

Prototypes of the CrossGuard MVP have been tried and tested by the Dutch and Belgian national teams at the European Championships and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The valuable feedback and data provided by these top professionals have been incorporated to improve the design for the next iteration.

In preparation for the EuropeanChampionships and the Olympics, my players suffered a number of significant injuries. CrossGuard was a great partner, engineering multiple novel solutions to keep our players safe and confident at both tournaments.

Rick Mathijssen, assistant coach of the Dutch men’s field hockey team

Thanks to CrossGuard products, I feel absolutely safe. This really improves my game.

Lars Balk, professional field hockey player, member of the Dutch National Team

CrossGuard next-level hand protection

CrossGuard is a high-tech spin-off from YES!Delft and Delft University of Technology. The founders – ambitious engineers and avid athletes – have combined their passion for armed combat sports with next-gen engineering.

The result is a patented exoskeleton that offers the best hand protection without compromising on comfort and mobility. The first glove in the CrossGuard arsenal is the ProGauntlet, a futuristic, medieval combat glove that can withstand the blows of a steel sword.

Same protection,

different purpose

The CrossGuard MVP’s design draws on the successful ProGauntlet.

CrossGuard’s patented technology and design philosophy have proven to be incredibly well suited to other situations where optimal protection and mobility need to go hand in hand. Examples that come to mind are law enforcement, heavy industry and, in this case, protecting hockey players against injuries from sticks or penalty corners.